Context Graph Graveyard

Context Graph is a recommender system for the Web. The goal for Context Graph features is to help people find new stuff based on their current context. This project includes several ongoing research projects related to the Web's morphology, client interactions with the Web, and Web content.

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Fathom seeks deeper understanding of the structure of a webpage. Where is the body? The title? Is this a "next page" button? Is this a comment form, and are there comments here? By better understanding the parts of a page, we can improve our understanding of how a user interacts with it. Fathom documentation and code:


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Heatmap seeks to understand how a user interacts with a webpage and uses that to annotate their history. A user who visits a webpage and hits the back button two seconds later is saying something very different about a page than a user who visits a page, scrolls down, enters something in a form and then bookmarks it! By having a deeper understanding of these behaviors, we can identify successful discovery. Heatmap Documentation and code:


The ingestion process takes a user's history (voluntarily given!), filters out problematic URLs and anonymizes the data as best it can. It then securely communicates the remaining URLs to the server, which stores it in the user's account for aggregate analysis. At any time, the user can delete their data from the server. Miracle Documentation and code:

Recommendation Engine

The Recommendation Engine is an ongoing experiment being built to enable the opportunities described in Nick's Manifesto. There is an opportunity to disrupt how discovery is done on the web by setting up a parallel graph to the traditional map of the web that isn't based on direct linking and page-content analysis, but instead on how users in the past have interacted with the web and where they found success.

Web Morphology

A cartographic research initiative to explore the ever changing morphology of the Web and survey the technologies encountered "in the wild". Advertisement and tracking code prevalence and the interlinking of web pages are studied here: