Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android is a mobile version of Firefox for Android devices. (more info)

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

Add-on Manager

Installing and uninstalling extensions, search plugins, and other add-ons. Listing and managing add-ons and their settings.


Android-specific audio/video issues


The Awesomescreen is the user interface for displaying and managing top sites, bookmarks, history, and search suggestions in mobile Firefox, and for entering and editing URLs and searches.

Build Config & IDE Support

Fennec-specific build issues, and generation of Eclipse and other projects.

Data Providers

The databases and content providers that handle storage and import/export of profile data, including bookmarks, history, passwords, and form history. (Note: Bugs in Firefox Sync should be filed in the "Mozilla Services" product instead.)


Bugs related to the creation of mobile distributions

Download Manager

The user interface for displaying download notifications and progress, and managing downloaded files.

Family Friendly Browsing

Bugs related to the Family Friendly Browsing experience on Android

Favicon Handling

For bugs in favicon decoding, caching, or loading.

Firefox Accounts

Bugs related to Firefox Accounts (FxA) integration, including about:accounts. For bugs in Sync on Android, see Android Background Services :: Android Sync.

First Run

Bugs related to the first run experience, which is displayed the first time the app is launched.


The GeckoView embedding widget for Android


For bugs in Fennec which do not fit into other more specific Fennec components.

Graphics, Panning and Zooming

Android-specific code for fast painting, scrolling, and scaling of pages on the screen.


Scripts and utilities for gdb to aid debugging Firefox on Android

Keyboards and IME

For bugs related to Android text input, such as HTML forms, the Awesome Screen, third-party software keyboards, and hardware keyboards.

Locale switching and selection

For bugs in Fennec's handling of system or selected locales.

Logins, Passwords and Form Fill

For issues related to managing logins and passwords, as well as filling out forms in web content.


Bugs related to Fennec Metrics; Telemetry, Adjust or an other metrics systems helping us understand our products and features better.


Experimentation around using overlays for sharing and viewing content.


Support for content that uses the Adobe Flash Player plug-in for Android.

Profile Handling

Guest mode, profile switching, profile creation, and data access interactions.

Reader View

Displaying pages and Reading List items in a special reader view.

Reading List

UI for managing reading list items.


Second-screen, tab sharing, etc. from Fennec to other devices.

Settings and Preferences

For issues affecting everything under Menu > Settings.


Testing (Mochitest, Robocop, JUnit, etc) for Firefox for Android.

Text Selection

Touch gestures and draggable handles for selecting and copying text in web pages and forms, and for changing the cursor or selection position.

Theme and Visual Design

Changes to the images, colors, and general look and feel of the Firefox user interface on Android.

Web Apps

Installing, running, and managing open web applications from the Mozilla Marketplace or other sources.