Infrastructure & Operations Graveyard

Old, retired Infrastructure & Operations components.

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Account Requests

Any LDAP, mail, etc. accounts that are handled by Server Ops: e.g. LDAP password resets, LDAP SSH key changes, issues with Zimbra logins, etc. Note that requests for new CVS, SVN, Hg, bzr, etc. accounts, or level increases for existing Hg accounts, should be filed under the Product,"Repository Account Requests" component.

Infrastructure: Zimbra

Issues regarding Zimbra back end maintenance or issues escalated from Desktop Support only. For user-facing issues please file a ticket in Service Now.

WebOps: Engagement

Community Engagement projects, like Affiliates, Firefox Flicks, Mozilla Reps, etc.

WebOps: Inventory

Development and operations bugs relating to

WebOps: Labs

Labs infrastructure requests.

WebOps: Product Delivery

Any apps directly related to installing or updating key products - typically Bedrock, AUS, Bouncer, FTP, and associated CDN properties.

WebOps: Socorro

The Socorro app.