Marketing and business-related ideas and projects (more info)

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Business Development

revenue-generating opportunities the Mozilla Foundation should pursue


Component will handle incoming form requests and workflow for the Mozilla Communities newsletter (more info).


Used for handling requests for copywriting.


Request for Mozilla or Firefox-related graphic design work.


Used for creating marketing email campaigns.

Event Requests

Marketing Event Request form submissions get put here.


General issues with marketing and business-related ideas and projects


For bugs related to the IPC component of Marketing.

Social Media

Used for creating social media content and campaigns.

Swag Requests

Swag Request form submissions get put here.

Trademark Permissions

For dealing with Trademark Permissions issues.

Trademark Violations

User Engagement

Have something that you think our users should know about? Is there a campaign that you think may benefit from promotion on Mozilla’s User Engagement channels? Fill out the initiation form. (link to the form after it's live)


Used for tracking marketing videos.