Other Applications

For bugs in CCK, Chatzilla, DOM Inspector, Venkman, and other applications which aren't large enough to warrant an entire Bugzilla product.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:


The Client Customization Kit, for corporate/organization rollouts (more info)


An IRC client implemented with JavaScript and XUL.

DOM Inspector

The DOM Inspector is a tool used to examine, modify, and debug the DOM of HTML, XUL, or XML documents.


Fizzypop is a web-based add-on and XUL application generator. The goal is to make it the foundation for Mozilla developer tools.


The McCoy application allows add-on authors to create digital signatures ensuring that their automatic updates can't be compromised.

mozStorage Explorer

Extension to assist in the development of mozStorage applications.


Narcissus is a JavaScript interpreter written purely in JavaScript and used as a test-bed for experimenting with new features in the JavaScript language.


The Python to XPCOM bridge. See https://developer.mozilla.org/en/PyXPCOM for more details.

QA Companion

The QA Companion makes it easy for community members to get involved, providing an interface to Litmus, QMO, and IRC and serving notifications of upcoming testing events. See http://wiki.mozilla.org/Litmus:Extension for more information.


XUL Extension for reporting problematic websites to mozilla.org

Venkman JS Debugger

Bugs, problems, enhancements for the Venkman JavaScript Debugger tool.

XUL Explorer

Please see see http://viewvc.svn.mozilla.org/vc/projects/xul-explorer