Release Engineering

For bugs related to all aspects of Mozilla's Release Engineering pipeline, including branded releases, continuous automation, release automation, tools, repos and hooks, machine issues, loaner machines, buildbot.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

Balrog: Backend

Issues related to the core, business logic, and REST API of our update server (Balrog).

Balrog: Frontend

Issues related to the web admin interface of our update server (Balrog).


This component tracks the routine care and feeding of RelEng systems (machine management), reconfigs of masters, and any tree closures or downtimes. This includes physical machines in any of Mozilla's colos, as well as instances in AWS.


This component is used for goals, tracking bugs, and any general RelEng work that spans across different RelEng components. Anything that doesn't fit in any other component goes here.

General Automation

This component tracks * Modifying or removing existing builds, tests and other jobs * Adding support for new types of jobs, builds or tests (e.g. opt, pgo, debug, ASAN or code coverage builds; b2g device builds, new test suites; special builds like spidermonkey or valgrind) * Scheduler changes: what jobs get run and when

Loan Requests

This component tracks all requests from developers for a loan of a production machines.


This component tracks issues related to mozharness, Mozilla's configuration-driven script harness. Both issues with the mozharness core and with specific mozharness scripts should be filed here.

Platform Support

This component tracks requests for supporting builds/tests on a new operating system. (Examples include: android x86, win 8.1, osx10.9). This component also tracks requests for toolchain changes (new versions of compilers, python, hg, git, puppet, GPO, etc.)

Release Automation

This component tracks bugs related to the Release Automation including, but not limited to buildbot code.


This component tracks bugs related to specific releases, or updates to those releases.

Releases: Custom Builds

This component tracks bugs related to custom builds of Firefox produced by Mozilla, or updates to those builds

Ship It

This component tracks issues related to the Ship It web app and associated tools such as Release Runner.


This component tracks large scale tools used to interact with RelEng systems. Some examples include (but are not limited to): * vcs2vcs, balrog, tryserver/trychooser, cloud-tools, buildapi, self-serve, hg/git mapper, integration-with-s3, tools-for-sheriffs, autoland, kittenherder... * alerts for colo outages, long-running-jobs, * reports for wait-times, try-server-top-users, cost reporting, slave health, ...


The web app used to maintain the open/closed state of gecko-related development trees.