Tamarin Graveyard

Next-generation JavaScript 2 virtual machine (more info)

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Track discussions/bugs/patches for potential api changes, additions, etc.

Baseline JIT (CodegenLIR)

Bugs and features relating to the native code compiler and optimization stages.

Build Config

Bugs and feature requests in the Tamarin build and configuration setup.


The debugger API supports client/host debugging of the ActionScript language.


File documentation related bugs here.

Garbage Collection (mmGC)

Issues related to garbage collector.


The ABC interpreter implements the dynamic semantics of ABC programs.


The implementations of the built-in AS3 libraries, written in C++ and AS3.

Optimizing JIT

The "Optimizing JIT" is a high-level, optimizing JIT.


The sampling profiler provides performance data on where execution time is spent.


Project to support Tamarin as a script language in Internet Explorer.

Self-hosting compiler (ESC)

Bugs and features in the self-hosting compiler.


For bugs on tools and utilities within Tamarin rather than the VM itself.

Tracing Virtual Machine

Bugs and features related to the tracing virtual machine.


The verifier accepts or rejects ABC depending on whether it conforms to the syntax and static semantics of ABC.

Virtual Machine

Bugs and features related to run-time execution and performance.


Bugs and features related to Worker Threads