Tree Management

Dashboards & tools to help manage checkins to Firefox, Gecko and Firefox OS related repositories and monitor the effect they have on code & test health.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:


Bugs relating to the Bugherder (formerly mcMerge) tool, which handles bug marking for commits to Gecko repositories.


OrangeFactor is a tool for measuring the intermittent failure rates of continuous integration build and test jobs.


Bugs regarding Perfherder, which allows for analysis of performance job data.


A web interface for the management of continuous integration build & test results (more info)

Treeherder: API

Bugs regarding Treeherder's API, including submitting results from non-buildbot jobs.

Treeherder: Client Libraries

Bugs regarding the client libraries used to retrieve and submit information to Treeherder.

Treeherder: Data Ingestion

Bugs regarding Treeherder's ingestion of data sources such as Buildbot, Hg pushlog & Bugzilla. Note: Bugs in the API for non-buildbot job submission belong in 'Treeherder: API'.

Treeherder: Docs & Development

Bugs regarding Treeherder's Read the Docs pages, local VM environment & development tools/scripts.

Treeherder: Infrastructure

Bugs regarding the administration and maintenance of the servers and infrastructure running

Treeherder: Log Viewer

Bugs regarding Treeherder's viewer for the logs of build & test jobs.

Treeherder: SETA

Issues related to the automatic prioritization and selection of which test jobs are run (more info).

Visibility Requests

For requests to change the visibility of jobs on Treeherder. These requests are handled by the sheriffs, who use the job visibility policy to determine eligibility.