For bugs in the tools that mozilla.org uses. This includes web-based tools like MXR, Bonsai, and Tinderbox but not Bugzilla. It also includes bugs in tools such as mozbot.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

Air Mozilla

Bugs and feature requests for the Air Mozilla webapp, only.


Security issues for the bleach Python library


a download requests redirector that tracks mirror availability and capacity and directs downloaders to available mirrors


A proxy implementing a RESTful HTTP API for Bugzilla (more info)


A web-based source code indexing and cross-reference tool that uses semantic data from static analysis tools.


Elmo is the codename for the new version of the Mozilla localization portal. It is an infrastructure of web apps, tools and documentation intended to help the l10n community and developers alike.


Requests for the Webtools team that don't fit elsewhere

ISPDB Database Entries

Additions and Edits for the entries in the ISP web configuration database, used for Thunderbird's account autoconfiguration.

ISPDB Server

The ISP web configuration server software for Thunderbird's account autoconfiguration. This component is not for issues relating to the database entries.


A kanban board on top of Bugzilla for triaging bugs.


Issues associated with the Mediawiki-Bugzilla plugin and Mozilla's implementation.


IRC robot that watches tinderbox and other things

Mozilla Community Sites

A tool for Mozilla communities to set up a local web site with a main page, blog, planet, forum, and wiki. The install comes with a style guide and is customizable by the local community.


Source code cross reference system


Peekaboo is the project for kiosks at the Mozilla offices where office visitors sign in and get a self-adhesive badge printed for their visit.


Mozilla Corporation internal phonebook.


File bugs against any aspect of the Pontoon l10n system. Including Web Client, Server, Jetpack, etc.

Prior Art

Open user-generated catalog of software patent prior art.


Mozilla Corporation paid time off application used for tracking vacation.


Issues with pulse.mozilla.org and related tools


File feature requests and bugs related to the Searchfox search tool.

Telemetry Dashboard

A web frontend for Telemetry data

Telemetry Server

A web service to receive and store Telemetry data.