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Leftover l10n of /existing pages


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Post Bug 867764, we have some outstanding items to be localized.

1) "Submit" button after global unsubscribing (see attached screenshot)

2) Descriptions of the newsletters (see attached screenshot)
I believe these descriptions first have to be properly wrapped to enable l10n.

3) /existing/recovery
Doesn't need to happen at this time, but I'm listing it here so that it can be prepped for l10n to start working on it. This will not go live until I've got the emails in place for it to work for the different locales.
Whiteboard: [kb=1126090]
The submit button wasn't wrapped, that'll be an easy fix.

The newsletter descriptions are wrapped, so I assume those strings just are not in the translations yet. Since they come from entries in the Basket database rather than source code or a template, I'm not sure how we get them translated.  Pmac, ideas?
Correction, the newsletter descriptions aren't wrapped, so I need to figure that out.

We still need to work out how to keep the newsletter descriptions translated though.
Adding Pascal to this bug so that he can alert his teams when the new strings have been wrapped and pulled.

Pascal, we'll need these new strings updated for:
we can work on that with flod tomorrow I think, most recent fires are now done :)
Do we need to get the newsletter descriptions into .po files in subversion in order for them to be translated?  The descriptions are stored in the database and could be edited anytime. We could copy the English descriptions to a .po file manually now, but it seems likely we'd forget to keep them updated.
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Why are the descriptions in databases and not in templates like the rest of the site?
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Information about the newsletters is in the database rather than hard-coded because it's easier for someone to update the newsletters that way.
(In reply to Dan Poirier [:dpoirier] from comment #8)
> Information about the newsletters is in the database rather than hard-coded
> because it's easier for someone to update the newsletters that way.

Well, obviously that 'someone' doesn't include l10n-drivers and localizers as this is a data source we don't have access to! :)

How can we know that English text has changed in your database? Who updated these descriptions today?
I'm the only one with access to the descriptions that would change it and know how l10n works (ie don't add any word including "please" or even an "and" or a comma). 

I don't plan on changing the descriptions anytime soon. I made sure they would work for the foreseeable future so we could go ahead and localize them. If we do have to change them in the future, I'll make sure l10n knows and has time to update before I change the EN version.

Let me know if this helps or if you have further questions.
Pascal, we certainly recognize the need for translation, and if doing things this way makes it too difficult, we'll have to make changes. I had been hoping there might already be a mechanism in place for translating content stored in a database. If not, it's probably not worth building such a mechanism just for this.

Pmac, the simplest solution is probably just to copy the current descriptions into the newsletter code in a way that the tools will pick them up. Do you have any better ideas, or should we proceed that way?
For the descriptions in the database, since they are not updated often (see comment #10), please just paste them in this bug and I will add them to newsletter.lang. 

The easiest for us is that if you change those translations, you open a bug in with the updated strings and we will update the files accordingly. Another option is indeed to put them into a fake template and run the extraction script but I don't think it's worth the hassle because at some point, you will have to notify us and that's equivaent to filing a bug.
Thanks Pascal! Here are the strings for the newsletter descriptions:

A monthly newsletter packed with tips to improve your Firefox experience.
Tips and tricks to use Firefox on your Android phone.
Firefox OS news, tips, launch information and where to buy.
Discover the latest, coolest HTML5 apps on Firefox OS.
Get a weekly tip on how to super-charge your Firefox experience.
Read about the latest features for Firefox desktop and mobile before the final release.
News from the Mozilla Project.
Periodic email updates about our annual international film competition.
A monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with the Firefox Affiliates program.
News for developers about Firefox OS, Firefox Marketplace and the Open Web apps ecosystem. 
Email updates for vouched Mozillians on
A monthly newsletter on how to get involved with Mozilla on your campus. 
Former University program from 2008-2011, now retired and relaunched as the Firefox Student Ambassadors program.
Thanks Jessilyn, all these strings are now added to newsletter.lang (r120673)
Bedrock pull request to wrap the Submit button:
Commits pushed to master at
Bug 919042 - /newsletter/existing l10n

* Wrap "Submit" button on updated page for translation.
* Add comment to "existing" page template reminding that the newsletter
  description is already translated in the view code, and doesn't need
  to be wrapped in the template.
Merge pull request #1282 from dpoirier/bug-919042-leftover-l10n

Bug 919042 - /newsletter/existing l10n
The descriptions will show as translated as soon as the new strings are translated. Thanks all!
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Looks great! Thank you team!  I'll work on the l10n of /recovery in a different bug for when we get everything ready perfect and finalized for l10n.

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