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AUS Graveyard The Application Update Service is used by client software to check for updates to application software.
Add-on SDK The software development kit for building Firefox add-ons. More info at: Jetpack project documentation.
Air Mozilla The Air Mozilla site (http://air.mozilla.com) and supporting infrastructure, including video conferencing. More info: Air Mozilla wiki page
Android Background Services Native Android services, including those bundled with Fennec. (More info)
B2GDroid Graveyard B2GDroid is a project that let us run b2g on android devices as a homescreen. It uses code from both android and b2g, along with additional custom code.
Boot2Gecko Graveyard For bugs in old components that aren't active anymore.
Bugzilla The Bugzilla bug-tracking system.
Note: This is not the place to request configuration, permission, or account changes to this installation of Bugzilla (bugzilla.mozilla.org). File such changes under the appropriate component in the bugzilla.mozilla.org product.
CCK The Client Customization Kit, for corporate/organization rollouts (more info)
Calendar The Mozilla Calendar project (more info)
Camino Graveyard Camino is a native Mac OS X browser-only project (more info)
Chat Core This is the core/back-end of Instantbird and Thunderbird chat (all code in the chat/ directory). This includes the JavaScript protocol implementations, our custom protocols that are not part of libpurple, and the purplexpcom library which allows the use of libpurple from scriptable XPCOM (XUL/JS).
Cloud Services For bugs in Firefox Sync, Firefox Home, metrics, Server, Share, and other services. (more info)
Cloud Services Graveyard Old, retired components for Cloud Services.
Community Building For bugs about Community Building Working Groups, Partnerships and local communities.
Composer Next-generation gecko-based standalone HTML/XHTML authoring tool
Conduit Project Conduit.
Connected Devices Connected Devices is Mozilla's effort to extend the Open Web to the Internet of Things (more info).
Content Services Graveyard For bugs in Classification Engine, Interest Dashboard, Recommendations, Subscribe 2 Web, Tiles, and other services. (more info)
Core Shared components used by Firefox and other Mozilla software, including handling of Web content; Gecko, HTML, CSS, layout, DOM, scripts, images, networking, etc. Issues with web page layout probably go here, while Firefox user interface issues belong in the Firefox product. (More info)
Core Graveyard Old, retired Core components
Data & BI Services Team Data & BI Services Team provides data ingestion, processing and storage services, as well as BI consulting, dashboarding, reporting and custom visualization services for consumers of Mozilla product, people and business data.
Data & BI Services Team Graveyard Data & BI Services Team provides data ingestion, processing and storage services, as well as BI consulting, dashboarding, reporting and custom visualization services for consumers of Mozilla product, people and business data.
Data Compliance Tracking issues regarding handling of user data for maximal user benefit, in accordance with our privacy principles. (More info)
Data Platform and Tools Bugs for Telemetry Components
Data Science Requests for the Data Science Team. If you are unsure of which component to choose please select General.
Datazilla Datazilla is a system for managing and visualizing application performance data. The project includes a database, web service, and several user interfaces. The source code repository, https://github.com/mozilla/datazilla/, and documentation, http://datazilla.readthedocs.org, can be found at these locations. The primary project data managed by datazilla includes Talos performance data. Datazilla web services for individual projects are deployed at specific uri paths: https://datazilla.mozilla.org/stoneridge/ (stoneridge project) and https://datazilla.mozilla.org/talos/ (talos project).
Derivatives Sometimes bugs are reported to Bugzilla which are really bugs in a product that is derived from Mozilla and should be reported elsewhere. When you find such bugs assign them to this product to nominate them for transfer to the proper bug database. You cannot file bugs in this component. Examples: AIM or Net2Phone bugs in Netscape 6.
Developer Documentation Requests for new developer documentation or for corrections to existing developer documentation on the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) wiki. Both open web and Mozilla-specific documentation are maintained here. Bugs in the MDN wiki platform software should be filed under 'Mozilla Developer Network'.
Developer Ecosystem The products, tools, services, and resources used to equip and support our Mozilla Developer Ecosystem.
Developer Engagement For requests related to Mozilla's Technology Evangelism group within Developer Engagement. Includes requests for events, outreach and demos (more info).
Developer Services For issues related to the services and infrastructure that support developer productivity: hg.mozilla.org, git.mozilla.org ([https://wiki.mozilla.org/DeveloperServices more info])
Directory The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) project (more info)
Documentation Documentation for Mozilla users, developers and web developers.
Enterprise Information Security For Security incidents, investigation, risk analysis requests, reviews. The team formerly known as OpSec and currently known as EIS or infosec
Enterprise Information Security Graveyard For Security incidents, investigation, risk analysis requests, reviews. The team formerly known as OpSec and currently known as EIS or infosec
Extend Firefox Graveyard For issues related to the Extend Firefox contest, web site, etc.
External Software Affecting Firefox For problems with third-party software which affect Firefox users. Plugin problems should be in Core:Plug-Ins instead of this product.
FSA Graveyard Firefox Student Ambassadors is a volunteer program for university students who are passionate about Mozilla, the open web, and the many benefits of Firefox and its products.
Fennec Graveyard Old, retired Fennec bugs. Fennec is the code name of the effort to build a mobile version of Firefox (more info)
Firefox For bugs in Firefox Desktop, the Mozilla Foundation's web browser. For Firefox user interface issues in menus, developer tools, bookmarks, location bar, and preferences. Many Firefox bugs will either be filed here or in the Core product. (more info)
Firefox Affiliates Graveyard Old, retired Firefox Affiliates components
Firefox Friends Firefox Friends is a word of mouth marketing program that amplifies our marketing efforts by arming our broad community with the tools to become Firefox Friends.
Firefox Graveyard Old, retired Firefox components
Firefox Health Report For all bugs involving collection, submission, analysis and user-facing features (about:healthreport) as part of the Firefox Health Report product. (More info)
Firefox Health Report Graveyard Old, retired Firefox Health Report components
Firefox OS FirefoxOS, or Boot2Gecko (B2G) is Mozilla's operating system built on web standards. (more info)
Firefox for Android Firefox for Android is a mobile version of Firefox for Android devices. (more info)
Firefox for Metro Firefox for Windows 8 Touch (formerly Metro) is Mozilla's version of Firefox for the Windows 8 touch interface included in Firefox Desktop on Windows 8 and higher. (more info)
Firefox for iOS Firefox for iOS is the Firefox mobile experience developed for the iOS platform.
Focus-iOS Focus by Firefox is a browser and content blocker for Safari that improves the privacy and performance of your mobile browsing experience by blocking analytics, social and advertising trackers (more info).
Grendel The Grendel Java-based mail/news reader (more info)
Hello (Loop) Firefox Hello, formerly called Loop, uses WebRTC to add real-time communications to the user's web browsing experience.
Infrastructure & Operations Server and networking infrastructure, including web properties, CDN, DNS (more info)
Infrastructure & Operations Graveyard Old, retired Infrastructure & Operations components.
Input Input is the feedback tool for Firefox.
Input Graveyard Input is the feedback tool for Firefox.
Instantbird This is the user interface of Instantbird. http://www.instantbird.com/
Instantbird Servers *.instantbird.org and *.instantbird.com websites.
Intellego A machine translation project for the benefit of Mozilla and the Open Web (more info).
Internet Public Policy The Mozilla Internet Public Policy group works to build products that make the Web more robust and take action when the web’s DNA is threatened.
Invalid Bugs For bugs reports that we are marking INVALID and don't belong in legitimate products and components. Moving bugs to this product will allow them to stop showing up in a valid product's search results and statistics.
JSS Network Security Services for Java - a Java interface to NSS (more info)
L20n Next-generation localization architecture (more info)
Localization Infrastructure and Tools Tools, libraries and automation involved in Mozilla's localization processes
MailNews Core Mail and news components common to Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
MailNews Core Graveyard Old, retired MailNews Core components
Marketing Marketing and business-related ideas and projects (more info)
Marketplace Mozilla's website (marketplace.firefox.com) to bring personalized discovery, worldwide distribution, and easy payments to the largest platform for app development: the Web. (more info)
Minimo Browser for limited resource devices (more info)
MozReview Mozilla's installation of Review Board, Autoland, and related systems for tracking and managing code review.
Mozilla Developer Network For bugs and requests related to management of the Mozilla Developer Network, and for bugs and requests related to the Kuma platform that drives the MDN wiki. Documentation content related issues should be reported under 'Developer Documentation'.
Mozilla Foundation Bugs specific to the Mozilla Foundation.
Mozilla Foundation Communications The Mozilla Foundation runs programs like Mozilla Webmaker, Open Badges, Open News and more.
Mozilla Grants Grants from the Mozilla Foundation.
Mozilla Labs For bugs and requests related to management of Mozilla Labs and related projects.
Mozilla Labs Graveyard Old, retired Mozilla Labs projects. Some products may have graduated to other places.
Mozilla Localizations Translation, spelling and other errors in language packs and localized builds (more info)
Mozilla Localizations Graveyard Old, retired "Mozilla Localizations" components.
Mozilla Messaging The administration of Mozilla Messaging and its servers (Website content bugs will belong in the Websites product)
Mozilla Metrics Internal Mozilla Corp. database to house statistical/market data
Mozilla QA For bugs and requests related to management of Mozilla QA related projects.
Mozilla QA Graveyard Old, retired Mozilla QA components
Mozilla Reps The Mozilla Reps, or ReMo, program provides a simple framework and specific tools to help volunteer Mozillians become official representatives of Mozilla in their region.
MozillaClassic For bugs about the Mozilla web browser before M3. You cannot file bugs in this component.
NSPR The Netscape Portable Runtime - Mozilla's cross-platform portability layer (more info)
NSS Network Security Services - a cross-platform security library (more info)
Other Applications For bugs in CCK, Chatzilla, DOM Inspector, Venkman, and other applications which aren't large enough to warrant an entire Bugzilla product.
Other Applications Graveyard Old, retired Other Applications components
Pancake Pancake is a Mozilla Labs project using search and navigation history.
Participation Infrastructure Suite of tools that helps make it easier for people to get involved in the Mozilla Project.
Participation Infrastructure Graveyard Suite of tools that helps make it easier for people to get involved in the Mozilla Project.
Penelope Eudora meets Thunderbird (more info)
Petri Petri is a Mozilla PaaS/IaaS experimental project.
Plugin Check Plugin Check is a service that allows users to determine whether their plugins are up to date, out of date or vulnerable, and is accessible via http://mozilla.org/plugincheck
Plugins Graveyard For problems with third party plugins (NPAPI), AntiVirus applications and Firewalls. This product is for enabling collaboration between mozilla.org and third party software vendors. Vendors will be recognized, and able to mark bugs as fixed with references to their software versions.
Powertool Powertool is a set of software and hardware tools to allow developers to measure power consumption on Firefox OS phones. (more info)
Privacy Privacy and policy, including privacy reviews, data data release proposals, and modifications to privacy policies. Not for bugs and feature requests in software.
Release Engineering For bugs related to all aspects of Mozilla's Release Engineering pipeline, including branded releases, continuous automation, release automation, tools, repos and hooks, machine issues, loaner machines, buildbot.
Rhino An implementation of JavaScript in Java (more info)
SeaMonkey An all-in-one internet application suite, including web browser, e-mail and newsgroup client, and HTML composer. (more info)
Servo Servo Project
Shield System to execute experiments, self-repair, and surveys in Firefox
Skywriter Mozilla Skywriter is a product, designed in Mozilla Labs, that proposes an open, extensible, web-based framework for code editing that aims to increase developer productivity, enable compelling user experiences, and promote the use of open standards.
Snippets The about:home snippet service is a simple, highly-cached content management service. It is intended to assemble and deliver content snippets to the about:home page in Firefox. The content delivered is determined by details about the installation of Firefox requesting content - including mainly details about the browser's build, locale, platform, and distribution channel, but not the person using the browser.
Socorro For issues with the Socorro server which accepts and processes Breakpad crash reports.
Socorro Graveyard Graveyarded components for Socorro server which accepts and processes Breakpad crash reports.
Tamarin Next-generation JavaScript 2 virtual machine (more info)
Taskcluster Taskcluster is a platform that Mozilla has developed for running tasks. This product is for bugs with the Taskcluster platform itself, not for issues with the configuration of the Mozilla Taskcluster instance.
Tech Evangelism For reporting web pages that need to be upgraded to support web standards and Gecko-based browsers. And for reporting add-ons that exhibit common problems that make Firefox run sub-optimally. (more info)
Tech Evangelism Graveyard Old, retired "Tech Evangelism" components
Testing For bugs related to automated testing of Mozilla client code (Firefox, Thunderbird, Fennec, Gecko, etc) (More info)
Testing Graveyard Old, retired "Testing" components
Testopia Testopia is a test case management system that sits on top of Bugzilla.
Thunderbird Email client originally developed by the Mozilla Foundation and now maintained by its community. (more info)
Toolkit The Mozilla Toolkit is a set of APIs, built on top of Gecko, which provide advanced services to XUL applications. These services include Profile Management, Chrome Registration, Browsing History, Extension and Theme Management, Application Update Service, and Safe Mode. (More info)
Toolkit Graveyard Old, retired Toolkit components
Tracking For tracking bugs that cross multiple products and services
Tree Management Dashboards & tools to help manage checkins to Firefox, Gecko and Firefox OS related repositories and monitor the effect they have on code & test health.
Tree Management Graveyard Old, retired Tree Management components
Untriaged Bugs For newly filed bugs that need some help finding the right place to go. Help the bugmasters triage these!
Web Apps Web Apps are applications that run on any device, and can be distributed through any store or directly by the developer.
Web Compatibility Tools A place to file bugs as they relate to software that deals with web compatibility (more info). Note: site and outreach bugs should be filed in Tech Evangelism.
Webmaker The Mozilla Foundation's project to build a generation of web makers (More info)
Websites For issues with content of Websites managed by Mozilla that do not have their own Bugzilla products.
Websites Graveyard Old, retired Websites
Webtools For bugs in the tools that mozilla.org uses. This includes web-based tools like MXR, Bonsai, and Tinderbox but not Bugzilla. It also includes bugs in tools such as mozbot.
Webtools Graveyard Old, retired Webtools
addons.mozilla.org For security bugs ONLY for addons.mozilla.org. All other issues should be filed on github at https://github.com/mozilla/addons.
addons.mozilla.org Graveyard Old, retired addons.mozilla.org components
bugzilla.mozilla.org For issues relating to the bugzilla.mozilla.org website, also known as BMO.
mozilla.org The administration of the Mozilla Project and its servers (Website content bugs will belong in the www.mozilla.org product)
mozilla.org Graveyard Old, retired mozilla.org components
mozillaignite Mozilla Ignite is joint project with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help people make apps that improve people's lives.
quality.mozilla.org For issues relating to the quality.mozilla.org website, also known as QMO.
support.mozilla.org For bugs and requests related to management of SUMO, sometimes known as support.mozilla.org.
support.mozilla.org - Lithium For issues support.mozilla.org on the lithium platform
support.mozilla.org Graveyard Old, retired suppport.mozilla.org components
support.mozillamessaging.com Graveyard For bugs and requests related to management of the Mozilla Messaging "Knowledge Base (KB)"- known as "SuMoMo." Thunderbird support forum.
www.mozilla.org For issues with content on www.mozilla.org http servers (but not the functioning of the servers) (more info)